Russell Conte


I (that’d be me - Russell Conte) owned a retail sewing shop for nearly 20 years. Early in my leap onto the entrepreneurial band wagon, people kept asking me to teach. Right next to the very last thing I ever thought I would want to do was teach. But people kept gnawing at me about it - I still have the teeth marks...

So...I acquiesced... And I found out how much I really, really, REALLY love teaching! And, for all appearances, it looked like I had a knack for it. (Hey - people kept showing up and they still do - it’s crazy...) Suffice it to say when I sold the shop in 2017, there were (and still are) more than 100 sessions of classes each trimester with more than 1000 people expressing their creative sewing genius by taking classes each year.

Though I miss my tribe at the shop, I am grateful now to have the opportunity to teach all-things-sewing-and-I-do-mean-ALL-THINGS full time. Now you’ll find me on faculty in the Fashion Department at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. You’ll also find me teaching across the country, and on YouTube - and loving every minute of it.